Sustainable operations and innovative design.

Edmonton Tower Innovation

To reduce our carbon footprint, ICE District promotes the green leasing initiatives of the BOMA Go Green – BOMA BESt (Building Environment Standards) program. By focusing on sustainable operations, we can ensure that Edmonton Tower’s use of power and water is responsible and that innovative design strategies are set.


Reducing energy costs for heating and cooling starts with highly advanced, high efficiency mechanical equipment. Additionally, high thermal insulation and passive design strategies such as daylighting and optimal building orientation have been implemented. Through daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, lighting controls and refrigeration heat recovery systems, the Tower further reduces process energy. Overall, the energy intensity target is 110 KwH/m2/yr, which is 1/3 that of a typical Edmonton building.


Edmonton Tower recycles greywater for water closets. To eliminate the need for irrigation, the building’s landscape strategy involves using 100% native or adapted landscaping and, throughout the project, a wide use of high-efficiency fixtures were used.

Cost Reductions

Fundamental and enhanced commissioning provides assurance that Edmonton Tower’s systems are operating to standards that result in the least environmental impact possible. Planting native landscaping helps decrease maintenance costs, metering and sub-metering equipment monitors energy use and a measurement and verification plan identify potential causes of any inefficiencies. Those measures are used to verify ongoing optimization of energy and water consumption performance.